Connect Microsoft Azure SQL Data Base to Local SQL Server Management Studio


Here i would like to explain how to connect Microsoft Azure SQL Data Base to Local SQL Server Management Studio, It’s very Easy to manage Azure SQL Data Base.Below are the Steps.

Step 01.

Create Data base on Azure.

  1. Go SQL Data Bases,then Add New

22.  Enter Data Base Details and Create Data Base with Server.



3.After Database created, click on database and get Properties, Copy server name to some where.


Step 02.

Open SQL Server Management Studio and Enter Azure SQL Server Details.


if you got error like below after you press connect.Please add Azure Sql Server firewall rule as below.


Rule Name : sp_set_firewall_rule

Start IP : Client IP

End IP : Client IP


Step 03.

Now you can connect Azure SQL data base using Azure SQL Data base credentials.





Author: eshan1604

Hi Guys, I'm Udara Eshan Ariyarathne from Sri Lanka. Currently i'm working as a Software Engineer (Microsoft Technologies). I'm sharing some IT related articles such as Development ,Configuration and Designing things what i have learn from day to day works. Hope it useful all of us. "Enjoying IT" Thanks & Regards, Udara Eshan Ariyarthne

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