Error: Unable to Start Program- An operation is not legal in the current state

Few days back , i have got an error when i’m doing debugging on Visual Studio 2017,

The Error is,

Unable to Start Program – An operation is not Legal in the Current State.


the solution is unchecked the java script debugging in Chrome & IE.

Go to Tools in Visual Studio –> Options –> Debugging –> General


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Error: Microsoft Report Viewer item (RDLC) not available to add in Visual Studio 2017

Hi all,

I got this problem when i’m working with Visual Studio 2017. i had requirement to add Microsoft Report Viewer (RDLC) file to my project, but when i go to add new item , there is no any reporting component to add to project.

I do three ways to resolve this issue.,

First :

Run the Visual Studio 2017 Setup file and check SQL Server Data Tools installed or Not.if not please install it.



Install  Microsoft Repo,rt Projects for Visual Studio using below link

Microsoft Report Projects for Visual Studio

after install the Microsoft Report Projects for Visual Studio you can use reporting as separate project.

you can add report project into solution under Business Intelligence category.


Third :

Install Microsoft Rdlc Report Designer for Visual Studio using below link

Microsoft Rdlc Report Designer for Visual Studio

After install Microsoft Rdlc Report Designer,you can add Microsoft Report Viewer File (RDLC) to your project.


If is there any Issue with above steps, feel free to contact me,





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Visual Studio 2017 Offline Installer

Hi Guys,

Visual studio 2017 offline installer not available in Visual Studio Official Site,there is only online installer for here i have Shared link for Visual Studio 2017 Offline Installer,

Link :

Zip password : UdaraDev2017

if is there any issue with installer, please let me know.

Happy Coding !